Monthly Coaching

Monthly Coaching

The Aligned Advisor Den

Welcome to our dynamic monthly coaching program tailored exclusively for financial advisors and tax professionals seeking to unlock their true impact. Each week, participants will have access to live coaching calls designed to facilitate significant growth and allow for personal interaction with industry innovators.

The Aligned Advisor Den includes a monthly Meaningful Meetings call facilitated by Ben Taatjes, which equips advisors to build deeper connections with clients and prospects using their unique purpose and approach. Including insights on timely meeting content and tactical implementation for client interactions, Ben will share the ‘secret sauce’ that drove business growth in his own practice.

Jerrid Sebesta hosts the Marketing and Mindset call to foster a mindset of prosperity and abundance. Jerrid will delve into the psychology of success, helping advisors shatter limiting beliefs and embrace a mindset primed for achievement. Through transformative discussions and practical techniques, participants will develop the mental resilience necessary to overcome challenges and foster sustainable growth.

The greatest gift you can give the world is you becoming fully you, then bringing that message to the masses. Start your Alignment journey today by applying on the link below.

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