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About Flexile Classic

Helping you become more fully you!

Every good financial advisor got into this business for a reason that’s bigger than money. When you discover that purpose—or what we call your unique ‘advisor point of view’ (APOV)—you unlock deeper relationships with clients and a competitive edge that sets you apart from your peers.

Our coaching programs help advisors find alignment through three easy steps.

Realization: Radical self-discovery & mindset training.

Internalization: Creating your APOV & custom client engagement framework.

Externalization: Authentic expression of your value to the clients & communities you want to serve.

Our Programs

The Aligned Advisor Academy

An 8-week live coaching program with time-tested processes to uncover your unique perspective, align your approach to business and ignite client relationships that inspire referrals and industry-leading growth.

The Aligned Advisor Den

Weekly live coaching calls with our founders and financial industry trailblazers Ben Taatjes and Jerrid Sebesta can help you stay connected to your APOV and translate it into daily business practices that make you excited to come to work.

Spread the Word Seminars

Quarterly communications seminars will teach you how to deliver your unique APOV to your clients and community—from starting a podcast and presentation skills to the art of running meaningful meetings.

The Aligned Advisor Podcast

Helping financial professionals grow their business through radical self-discovery, extreme ownership and authentic self-expression. The Aligned Advisor Podcast guides you to become your most authentic self, one episode at a time – hosted by professional speaker, marketer and advisor-coach Jerrid, Sebesta

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Unlocking Your Unique Advisor Point of View

Unlocking Your Unique Advisor Point of View

Advisors looking to grow their business already have the tools they need right at their fingertips. They just need to be willing to embark on a journey of self-discovery. At the end of that road is every advisor’s “Advisor Point of View” (APOV). Finding your unique...

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For nearly 15 years, I watched my successful peers and tried to mimic what worked for them. I learned some great things about practice management but was not energized or deeply connected to why I do what I do. Because of that, I failed to bring my greatest value to client relationships. Following the steps of The Aligned Advisor, I found new confidence and enjoyment in my work, and our business has grown 6x since 2015.

Ben Taatjes, CKA®

President & CEO of Taatjes Financial Group

Outcomes of an Aligned Advisor

Higher Client Retention

Accelerated Referrals

Greater Impact

Genuine Job Satisfaction