Ben Taatjes CKA®

Co-Founder & Advisor Coach

Ben Taatjes founded Minnesota-based financial planning firm Taatjes Financial Group in 2007 with an emphasis on retirement planning. He developed an innovative ‘Time. Talent. Treasure.’ framework to guide clients through the mental, emotional and financial considerations that prepare them for a truly successful retirement. In 2017, Ben authored the book Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America, and today he co-hosts the Retire Repurposed weekly podcast, which averages 3,000 downloads a month. 

Since 2015, Ben’s firm has seen 5x growth by executing the processes and techniques outlined in The Aligned Advisor. He prides himself on having value-packed, “meaningful meetings” with clients. With well over 10,000 client meetings under his belt, he understands what people need most from their financial advisor and how to guide conversations to the root of those needs. Ben founded The Aligned Advisor in 2023 to teach those techniques to his peers, and ultimately, to help financial advisors and tax professionals deliver greater value to their clients and communities.

Jerrid Sebesta

Co-Founder & Advisor Coach

Jerrid Sebesta is a professional speaker, influencer and marketer. He was a TV meteorologist for more than a decade, working in large markets including Phoenix and Minneapolis. Jerrid credits his on-screen success to his ability to connect with audiences in a genuine way and is passionate about helping professionals incorporate authenticity into their business practices.

In 2014, Jerrid transitioned careers into the financial services industry as the director of marketing and business development at Taatjes Financial Group. He worked closely with Ben Taatjes to create the framework, messaging and marketing methodology that catapulted the firm’s growth and helped Taatjes Financial Group achieve top-20 producer status among 3,000+ peers affiliated with Avantax as their broker-dealer. Since then, Jerrid has keynoted more than 200 events and taught countless seminars on personal finance, public speaking, and business growth.

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