The Aligned Advisor was born out of a deep desire to help financial advisors and tax professionals discover their greatest gifts, produce exceptional results in their business and impact the lives of their clients more deeply. Everything you need to grow your practice and have genuine job satisfaction is already inside you, but unlocking professional success and significance requires an inner voyage. The Aligned Advisor is your guide on that journey.

Built by accomplished entrepreneur and financial advisor Ben Taatjes and television personality and marketer Jerrid Sebesta, The Aligned Advisor is an innovative approach to professional coaching that starts with radical self-discovery. Hands-on programs will help you discover your differentiated value, create a unique advisor point of view (APOV) and custom client engagement framework, and then communicate that value to the clients and communities you want to serve.

The Aligned Advisor programs were designed to stand alone—each delivering important insights to reframe your approach to business. However, completing all three offerings provides the strategy, support and tactical accountability to take your practice to the next level.

The Aligned Advisor Institute

The Aligned Advisor Institute is an 8-week live coaching program with time-tested processes to uncover your unique perspective, align your approach to business and ignite client relationships that inspire referrals and industry-leading growth.

Aligned Advisor Experience

Aligned Advisor Experience is comprised of weekly live coaching calls with our founders and financial industry trailblazers Ben Taatjes and Jerrid Sebasta. They’ll help you stay connected to your APOV and translate it into daily business practices that make you excited to come to work.

Spread the Word Quarterly Seminars

Spread the Word Quarterly Seminars will teach you how to deliver your unique APOV to your clients and community—from starting a podcast and presentation skills to the art of running meaningful meetings.

The greatest gift you can give the world is you becoming fully you, then bringing that message to the masses. Start your Alignment journey today by applying on the link below.